Oley Olsen

After growing up in Madison, Virginia, Oley (oh-lee) joined the Coast Guard where he spent four years traveling the world—from Alaska to Antarctica—on small boats, cutters, and icebreakers.

After his military service, he trained and worked as a Communication Journeyman in the IBEW in Chicago. After 11 years in the Windy City he returned home to Virginia and began operating a mobile bottling line in 2008.

Trained by Joe Sullivan of Bottle Boy Mobile Bottling, Oley is in his 14th full season of bottling.

Mark Budd

Mark Budd has been with us a few years now and his mechanical skills have come in handy. He rebuilds old cars in the garage at his home and is a creative problem solver when it comes to things on the line. His knowledge and curiosity about all things mechanical are a boon for us—plus he's just an all around great guy.

Mark Smith

Mark Smith came along at the same time as Mark Budd. Mark, like Oley, is an ex-Coastie. He's been working in the wine industry since he retired from the Coast Guard and wanted to learn the bottling side of the industry. He's another valuable guy to have around as he's immersed in the Virginia wine industry—and he's another all around great guy.

Judy Olsen

Judy is a brand strategy advisor with over 30 years of experience in packaging and graphic design. She is the person you want to talk to about bottle choices and labels. She knows the ins and outs of the bottling line and what will and won't work in terms of bottles and labels. She also does a lot of the behind the scenes stuff.

Thinking about changing a bottle style? Have a new label? Reach out to her to review your choices and troubleshoot any potential problems before bottling day.

You can see her design studio and their award-winning work here and on instagram here.​