The Team

A successful bottling day doesn't happen without teamwork. Early communication about packaging materials, wines, and other details related to bottling day is essential—as is a "can do" attitude. That's why we work closely with you to make bottling day as pleasant and hassle free as possible.

Oley Olsen

After growing up in Madison, Virginia, Oley (oh-lee) joined the Coast Guard where he spent four years traveling the world—from Alaska to Antarctica—on small boats, cutters, and icebreakers.

After his military service, he trained and worked as an electrician, reaching the level of Communication Journeyman in the IBEW in Chicago. After 11 years in the Windy City he left in 2000 and returned home to Virginia where he worked in various project management positions in the electrical and data industry before making the transition to operating a mobile bottling line in 2008.

Trained by Joe Sullivan of Bottle Boy Mobile Bottling, Oley is in his fifth full season of bottling and continues to enjoy his new profession, in which there is never a dull moment!

Judy Olsen

Judy has a BFA in Communication Art & Design from Virginia Commonwealth University and spent 11 years living and working in Chicago for design firms specializing in package design, marketing, and branding with clients like Jim Beam Brands, G Heileman Brewing, Kraft, and Dean Foods. Judy has won many prestigious awards for her work as a graphic designer but believes the best reward is increasing sales for her clients through good design.

Judy started By the Light of the Moon Design in 2000 and now has winery clients in 5 states and continues to do work for clients in other fields.

When it comes to Blue Moon customers Judy puts her many packaging supplier contacts to good use. Be it a quality problem, a customer looking for a new bottle, or providing assistance in choosing materials—she is there to help.

In addition to customer service and supplier communication, Judy also does the scheduling and marketing for Blue Moon. Judy helps out on the line from time to time and says that understanding the ins and outs of mobile bottling helps her design packaging solutions that can help make bottling day easier for everyone.

Mark Budd

Mark Budd has been with us a year now and his mechanical skills have come in handy. He rebuilds old cars in the garage at his home and is a creative problem solver when it comes to things on the line. His knowledge and curiosity about all things mechanical are a boon for us—plus he's just an all around great guy.

Mark Smith

Mark Smith came along at the same time as Mark Budd. Mark, like Oley, is and ex-Coastie. He's been working in the wine industry since he retired from the Coast Guard and wanted to learn the bottling side of the industry. He's another valuable guy to have around as he's immersed in the Virginia wine industry and has hopes of owning his own vineyard in the not-too-distant future and is another all around great guy.

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