These are our general requirements. For more specifics, please contact us.

  • Natural or synthetic corks.

  • Tin, polylam or aluminum capsules

  • ​Bottles from 60mm-115 mm in diameter and 180mm-370mm in height.

  • Tapered bottles (check with us first).

  • Labels in position 4, maximum web height 6", roll diameter 10.25".

  • Ability to do clear labels (contact us before ordering labels for specific requirements).

  • Two label stations allow single or double rolls of labels.

Winery Responsibilities
  • Wines must be a minimum of 62° F to prevent condensation and provide for consistent fill levels and cork vacuum.

  • Wines must be sterile filtered and stored in sterile conditions no more than four days prior to bottling. Fruit wines must be filtered no more than 48 hours prior to bottling.

  • Winery must supply a preliminary worksheet when requesting a bottling date.

  • Winery must supply a final worksheet 2 weeks prior to bottling.

  • All packaging materials must be present when bottling begins or an hourly fee will be charged for any downtime due to waiting on materials.

  • Filter cartridges must be checked at least 2 weeks prior to bottling.

  • Winery must supply Nitrogen, CO2, or Argon for sparging and leveling wines.

  • 110V outlet for bottling line to access.

  • Access to clean water, preferably hot and cold.

  • 6-8 personnel capable of lifting a full case of wine.

  • Winemaker, or designated personnel, is responsible for approving fill levels, label positioning, cork depth and vacuum.

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