Our Equipment

One of the most important relationships a mobile bottler has is the one he has with his equipment. Years of operation and regular maintenance teach him to recognize and understand the subtle sounds of the machinery, to pinpoint potential problems, to troubleshoot, and to keep the line running.

A mobile bottling line doesn't do you any good if it can't get to you. Our line has been built from the ground up with that in mind.

The Bottling Line

  • GAI monobloc and linear labeler. Our equipment has been modified and customized, by us, to fit our needs. In 2017 we replaced the capsuling and labeling monobloc with a brand new piece of equipment.


  • Capable of running at speeds up to 3000 bottles per hour.


  •  12 head rinser customized with clear reinforced PVC tubing for easy cleaning and visual confirmation of cleanliness. Customized with a more precise pressure regulator and gauge to more accurately control the volume of rinse water.

  • ​Sparger has a new design gas injector probe to enable higher flow rates and tubing is reinforced PVC to ensure cleanliness.

  • Filler bowl fills from the bottom up to reduce wine aeration.

  • ​12 head filler with customized pedestal cams and more robust level stops on each filler head to allow for tighter gap specifications for better success in filling bottles with difficult to fill necks.

  • Corker has been customized with a higher capacity vacuum pump.

  • Capsule dispenser and 4 head spinner with the abilty to reverse the direction  for reverse lap polylam capsules

  • GAI labeler can handle tapered bottles and has two stations. We can do front and back labels on one roll, or separate rolls with these two stations.

The Details

  • Top-of-the-line PALL filter housings are micropolished to be anti-microbial.

  • We use 20" AB Code 7 filter cartridges in 1.0 and .45 micron sizes. You may supply your own or have us order them for you 2 weeks prior to bottling. Winery is responsible for properly storing cartridges between bottlings.

  • Hans-Damph steam generator for sterilizing the equipment.

  • Wilden M2 diaphragm pump specifically built for wine, moves your wine from tanks to filler.

  • 100' of clear food grade hoses lets you know at a glance that things are clean, and makes it easy to monitor wine flow. Our hoses are replaced annually.

  • Original plexiglass enclosure has been removed to enable faster changeovers, more efficient cleaning and to enhance sanitation (Bacteria and yeast can hide in the eventual scratches).

  • Larger traps have been installed in the corker vacuum tubing to ensure cleanliness and handle excessive carbonation.

  • Self-contained diesel generator power source allows us to keep bottling even if the power goes out.

The Trailer

  • Our 35-foot gooseneck trailer was custom designed and built to our specifications.

  • All interior surfaces have a special coating that makes the trailer watertight and prevents mold growth.

  • Custom air ride suspension minimizes jostling during travel—cutting down on set-up time.

  • Rear clamshell doors provide some protection from the elements and the bottom door is heavily reinforced to carry more than a 1500 pound load.

  • Designed with accessing the small farm winery in mind.

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