Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive.


What happens if I have a problem and need to move my date?

We understand that things happen. We will do our best to fit you in on another date without additional charges.


Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes. We require a 500 case minimum. You may bottle less than that but you will be charged for 500 cases.


What size filters do you use?

We use 20" AB Code 7 cartridge filters. You may order them or ask us to order them for you and provide them on bottling day. Properly stored, they will last you many bottlings.


How do I store my  filters?

We can supply you with instructions for making PVC containers to store your filters in. The solution for each container should be 1 teaspoon citric acid and 1/2 teaspoon KMS with water to fill. Filters should be pulled and checked every couple of months and solution changed as needed.


Can my bottles be stored outside prior to bottling?

Bottles need to be kept dry and covered but can be stored outside prior to bottling for a non-extended time period. If the bottles are cold on a hot, humid day they will sweat no matter what temperature your wine is (see the specifications tab for wine temperature requirements). Consequently, if the wine is cold on a hot, humid day the bottles will sweat.


Do I need to filter on the truck if I filtered before bottling?

As winemaker that is your call. We offer the service in-line as a fail-safe to catch anything that might be in the wine. It is not guaranteed to be 100% sterile, nor is it intended to fix a problem you might have with your wine.


How do I know the line is clean and sterile?

​Just like a winery, we have a HACCP plan which we will share with you on request. We clean and sterilize to industry standards, or better, all parts of the equipment that come in contact with your wine every morning and at the end of the day. We are not responsible for bottles, corks, outside contamination sources or the condition of the wine as it enters the bottling line.


Can you bottle sparkling wines?

Our filler cannot bottle under pressure, however we have bottled some sparkling wines. Please contact us to discuss your particular wine and bottling needs with us.


Can you bottle still and/or bottle conditioned cider?

Yes we can. Bottle conditioned is a little tricky and takes a coordinated effort between all parties so please contact us to discuss your situation.

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