"It was almost surreal how easily Blue Moon took us from the "impossible" to ''no big deal"."

~Aaron Hark, Hark Vineyards

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Packaging Review

We have a wine packaging expert on staff who is able to review your labels and bottles to troubleshoot any potential problems before bottling day.  <Read More>



We have a GAI mono bloc with a 12 head rinser and filler capable of doing 240-250 cases/hour. We rinse, sparge, fill, level, cork, capsule and  then label your bottles. <Read More>



We have a GAI linear labeler newly installed in 2017. We can do tapered bottles, front and back labels on the same or separate rolls.

<Read More>



"You all are part of our product and we couldn't do it without you! Thanks to you!"

Stanburn Winery

"My winemaking team is obsessive about quality and cleanliness in our production facility. We're very pleased to be working with a bottling line who shares that approach. Their adherence to strict cleaning protocols, attentiveness to the line throughout the run, and the experience of each member of the Blue Moon team is evident throughout the bottling day. It gives us confidence that our wine is being safely and appropriately handled in that crucial last step from the tank to the bottle."

Aaron Hark, Hark Vineyards

"Our white and red wines each feature a very unique die cut with multiple sharp edges. They are eye catching and a critical part of our branding, but have also proven very difficult to apply. One bottling line told us they simply weren't possible. Another struggled to keep them from ripping or wrinkling, ultimately suggesting we change the design. When we brought a sample to Blue Moon and told them of these challenges, we were shocked when they had the labels applying successfully after about 10 minutes of testing. It was almost surreal how easily Blue Moon took us from the 'impossible' to ''no big deal'."

Aaron Hark, Hark Vineyards

"As a wine label provider, I have had the opportunity to work with Blue Moon Bottling on several occasions. Their professionalism is top notch in an ever-changing industry. Their knowledge and expertise has proven to be an asset to wineries throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Since I have gotten to know them, I have learned more about the wine industry than I could have ever imagined. I value Blue Moon as a partner and I look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Nick McCormick, Taylor Corporation

"Accolades are certainly due to Blue Moon Bottling, who could ask for a more wonderful bottling group; always patient and helpful."

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